Options for Local Governance in High Wycombe: Consultation Questionnaire

Wycombe District Council is keen to find out what local residents and other stakeholders think about proposals to create a new Town Council covering the whole of High Wycombe or parish councils for some areas of the town. Please go to www.wycombe.gov.uk/highwycombecgr to read the consultation document online or for further information. To give your feedback, complete this questionnaire by 30 September 2019.

Wycombe District Council has appointed ORS, as an independent social research company, to manage the consultation and questionnaire responses. ORS will faithfully report the outcomes, in which the views of individual members of the public will be anonymous; but where feedback is from representatives of organisations or someone acting in their official capacity, it may be attributed.

All the questions are optional, and all information you provide will be processed by ORS in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Any personal information will be kept for no more than 1 year after any decisions have been finalised. For further information, please see www.ors.org.uk/privacy or www.wycombe.gov.uk/privacy

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