The future of Eastbourne Station Health Centre - Consultation Questionnaire

NHS Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) wants to hear your views about the future of Eastbourne Station Health Centre.

Statement regarding coronavirus and Covid-19

The CCG launched this twelve week consultation before the Covid-19 pandemic began and this has had a significant impact on the consultation plans. These plans include a large number of face-to-face events and visits to some of the most vulnerable groups in the area to ensure that as many views and comments from across Eastbourne’s diverse communities are gathered. All face-to-face engagement with the public and stakeholder groups has now been paused in line with government guidance and to ensure the health and safety of the public and NHS staff.

The CCG wants to make sure that the public consultation continues to be meaningful and gives as many people the opportunity to participate as possible. Following careful consideration, the CCG does not believe it is possible do this under the present circumstances.

UPDATE: Eastbourne Station Health Centre Public Consultation

On 1 April, the CCG made the initial decision to pause their public consultation into the future of Eastbourne Station Health Centre due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and stated that the decision would be reviewed after 30 days.

Following a thorough assessment of the situation, and in line with government guidance, the CCG has now made the decision to extend this pause for another month.

People can continue to participate in the consultation online, including via this questionnaire. Alternatively, you can email and a copy of the consultation document and questionnaire will be sent to you as soon as the consultation restarts. All the feedback received will be retained and considered before a final decision is made, after the remainder of the public consultation concludes later in the year.

The CCG will review the situation again at the end of May, keeping people informed of next steps and thanks you for your patience and understanding.

If you would like to continue now and share your views on the CCG’s proposals, please click the following link to access the consultation document for further information:

To give your feedback, complete this online questionnaire.

NHS Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG has appointed ORS, an independent social research company, to manage the consultation feedback and questionnaire responses and to faithfully report the outcomes. The views of individual members of the public in a personal capacity will be anonymous. However, where feedback is from representatives of organisations or someone acting in an official capacity, it may be attributed to them.

All the questions are optional, and all information you provide will be processed by ORS in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Information will only be used to inform this consultation and any personal information that could identify you will be kept for no more than one year after any decisions have been finalised. Please visit and/or for more information.

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